$49.50 [$45 + GST]

PREORDER: Now open! Orders will take up to 4 weeks from Friday 30 March 2018, this excludes time in transit. We thank you for your patience while we etch a high volume of personalised treasure boxes for your during this time.

These boxes are a delicate keepsake made from a light weight blonde pine wood, each treasure box measures 20cm x 12cm and 9cm in depth

Brase hinges and clip to close

Text is in lower case. Etch any 3 words or two words and a date

HOW TO ORDER - please leave the following in the notes at checkout;

1. 3 words or 2 words and a date
2. Choice of wreath (First Image: Fine Wreath, Second Image: Thick Wreath)

If you do not leave a wreath choice, you will receive the 'Fine' wreath shown in the main picture

Please note wood grain may vary from picture shown and small imperfections in the timber may occur, these are not considered defects

TURN AROUND: 4 weeks from 30.03.2018

POSTAGE & HANDLING: Within Australia is via regular post. International shipping is available at the checkout and tracked shipping only is offered for packages shipped outside of Australia

GST: Please note pricing excludes GST and will be charged at checkout

LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH: Items are not to be handled by children, they are for eyes only. Keep out of reach of children.